Toyota Iraq is happy and thrilled to participate at Erbil Auto Show which is organized at Erbil International Exhibition Premises from 2nd to 5th March 2023 in Erbil. This exhibition is the first during the last few years and since then all car enthusiasts were waiting for an event dedicated for automotive industry that include all available brands in Iraqi market. This event provided everyone with the opportunity to see new models of cars and latest technology and specifications.


Toyota Iraq is aiming through this event to get closer to all car enthusiasts and Toyota Lovers and share latest models and inventions from Toyota, and at the same time to showcase company’s values and direction on Sustainability as a responsible company towards environment and society. There will be introduction to the legendary Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 “Limited Edition” which known for its luxury and high performance with being made specifically for Iraqi environment and market needs.

During this event Toyota Iraq will unveil the all-new Toyota Rav4 Hybrid 2023 for the first time as new member to Hybrid Vehicles Family that suits the Iraqi market in the best way possible. Toyota Rav4 Hybrid is one of the most popular SUVs and its functionality and durability made many customers happy around the world in addition to its environment friendly characteristics that reduce carbon emissions, use less fuel and give longer lifetime to the engine of the vehicle.

As Official Distributor, Toyota Iraq also providing all genuine spare-parts from Toyota for all types of Toyota cars through its network of official dealers who provide aftersales services within Toyota’s International standards and quality with having dealers staff under continuous development programs that reflect the essence of Toyota’s Philosophy.

At this event, Toyota Iraq introducing a complete service and product line that is bringing value and solution for any Automobile owner for better experience and convenience. Auto Expert is a registered brand of Toyota Iraq that provide various car care products with specifications fitting our climate and environment. Each of our services is implemented by trained professionals that add value to your car by improving its appearance, performance, and engine age. Within auto expert there are other brands like BG, which specializes in engine cleaning materials, and a LLumar brand specialized in paint protection products.

Toyota Iraq aims to contribute to society through its business activities that is based on Sustainability and Customer Happiness by providing environment friendly products with latest technologies and solutions.